Petraa is Interviewed by Jules from

Petraa is Interviewed by Jules from

Sweet Jamaica

Petraa was interviewed by Jules from Sweet Jamaica, the #1 Survival Guide for Jamaica. The Sweet Jamaica website features tips and tricks for visiting and living in Jamaica, events and things to do, food and features, interviews and island guides, shopping and more.

The interview gives an insight into Petraa’s musical influences, provides the scoop on living and making it in the music scene in Jamaica, gives the answer behind the idea for ‘Love is Eternal’  and then some! Check out the full interview from Sweet Jamaica Jules for the rest of the story straight from your girl PETRAA!

Here is a snippet of the Sweet Jamaica Jules interview….

“Today I have the pleasure of interviewing my friend and up and coming Reggae, R’n’B and Dancehall artist, Petraa. With links to the UK, Canada and the Caribbean, she is set to be an international superstar making her mark in the industry within the coming year. Multi-faceted and vocally talented, Petraa’s musical style ranges from sweet and sensual to raw, real talk, story telling.  A singer, song writer and outgoing performer, Petraa has grown as an artist with a passion for singing since a tender age. Petraa re-started her musical journey anew in 2015 in Jamaica, the land of the great and the glorious in the music scene. Here we share her story and get an insight into what she is all about and what you can expect from her in 2016 and beyond.”


But for the full interview you will have to click here for


Petraa and Sweet Jamaica Jules - Kingston Waterfront
Petraa and Sweet Jamaica Jules – Kingston Waterfront


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