Petraa Music: ‘Love is Eternal’

Petraa Music: ‘Love is Eternal’

Petraa ‘Love is Eternal’

Petraa’s hot newly released single ‘Love is Eternal’ has been reworked and remastered for release in 2016.

‘Love is Eternal’ was recorded and engineered by Christopher ‘Coombs’ from Di Lab Records, in Exchange, Saint Ann, Jamaica in late 2015. The track features a fresh new Reggae and R ‘n’ B influenced sound, topped by the sultry and soulful voice of Petraa. ‘Love is Eternal’ is an uptempo love story making the most out of Petraa’s vocal range, that will be sure to captivate listeners. With a fresh new uptempo sound and crystal clear vocals this is a track that is all that and more!

Petraa 'Love Is Eternal'
Petraa ‘Love Is Eternal’

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